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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Five Most Crime-Ridden Court Districts All on Mexican Border

From Newsmax

The five U.S. judicial districts where the most criminal defendants were charged with federal crimes last year are the five districts that border Mexico.

There are 94 federal judicial districts covering the 50 states and U.S. possessions, including the South District of Texas, which covers a stretch of border from Brownsville past Laredo. The U.S. attorney’s office filed criminal charges against 8,801 individuals in fiscal 2009, the most for any district, according to an annual report released by the Justice Department.

That number is more than four times higher than the 1,959 persons charged in the Southern District of New York, which includes Manhattan and the Bronx, CNSNews.com Editor-in-Chief Terry Jeffrey notes.

The second most crime-ridden district is the Western District of Texas, which covers the rest of the border. U.S. attorneys filed charges against 8,435 individuals there last year.

Completing the top five are the Southern California District — which includes the San Diego border area but not Los Angeles — where 5,554 defendants were charged, and the districts for the border states of Arizona (5,155) and New Mexico (3,769).

In comparison, the district covering the entire state of Colorado charged 585 defendants, and New Jersey charged 910.

The Justice Department report is “just more evidence that our government is not doing its job of defending our nation’s border with Mexico,” Jeffrey observes.

“According to the Justice Department’s own numbers, federal crime is dramatically disproportionate along that border compared to the rest of the United States.”

The report also discloses that 33 percent of all federal convictions last year were in immigration cases.

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