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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Charles Hugh Smith: A Sustainable National Healthcare System: Prevention Only

A great piece detailing not only the lie that is our current system but the only realistic form that actually could or should be "nationalized" (I still prefer that all of this be done at the State level). 

The only "yeah but" I would make is what I have now, which is a catastrophic policy with a high deductible as an optional add-on.  For people that want it and can afford it (and it is ridiculously cheap), it would provide coverage for those rare but known occurences like child birth and major-recoverable injury as well as treatment of disease if it is deemed to be curable AND the patient is willing to endure the treatment.

So if you add this together, you end up with a Health Savings Account as many have today, with a base of subsidization for preventive care for lower income individuals and families....what a concept!

oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: A Sustainable National Healthcare System: Prevention Only