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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can You Find the Stimulus?

Here is a list of the spending package just passed by House Democrats in the name of "stimulus". Keep in mind that this "stimulus" package is intended to supplement the current $3 Trillion budget in order to "jump start" the economic recovery.

So here's the game, go down the list and identify which of the spending items will actually stimulate any economic growth:

So what is in the bill? Umm… what isn’t?

- $275 billion in tax reductions, much of which would be dolled out in the form of tax credits.
- $140 billion to the Education Dept.
- $87 billion to Medicaid.
- $43 billion to increase unemployment benefits.
- Another $43 billion will head over to the Dept. of Energy
- $40 billion for states to do as they please
- $20 billion to food stamp programs
- $30 billion for highway construction.

- Tens of billions more to water infrastructure, parks, housing projects and “military construction.”

- Billions more for sexually transmitted disease prevention, broadband Internet access in rural areas, community-oriented policing services and VA cemetery repair.

True, we haven’t yet arrived at the “toy wooden arrows” level, but the Senate has yet to lay its greasy hands on this bill. Look for them to vote on the matter as early as next week.

Even before the Senate mucks with it, the bill passed by the House yesterday will already cost American taxpayers more than $1.2 trillion, the Congressional Budget Office estimates. Why? Because the government doesn’t have any money!

They’ll have to borrow to fund the plan, and interest payments alone will likely exceed $347 billion by the time it’s paid back.