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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Flake-Gutierrez Really That Bad?

From The Center For Individual Freedom [cfif@cfiflistmanager.org] -

Arizona Republican Jeff Flake has teamed up with far-left Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez to introduce NEW Amnesty legislation that would give illegal aliens everything they want & with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Of course there's really nothing new about this latest Amnesty offering other than the fact that Flake and Gutierrez are trying to "sell it" to the America people as something IT IS NOT -- a tough border enforcement bill.

Here's what Rep. Flake says about the bill:

"Our current immigration laws are at odds with reality. This bill addresses that problem by bolstering security, increasing interior enforcement, and creating a temporary worker program that's enforceable and fair."

But the only thing that is "at odds with reality" is calling the Flake-Gutierrez bill a tough border enforcement measure.

In fact, Ted Kennedy has already given his glowing stamp of approval to the Flake-Gutierrez Amnesty legislation, telling the Los Angeles Times that it's a "fair bill that strikes the right balance between protecting our security, strengthening our economy, and enacting laws that uphold our humanity."

And if glowing praise from Ted Kennedy is not enough to make alarm bells go off in your head, consider what others are saying about this latest Amnesty offering courtesy of Flake and Gutierrez.

Tom Tancredo has said:
"They keep changing the shade of lipstick, but like I've said time and time again, it's still the same old pig."

And here's what Columnist P.J. Byrnes had to say:
"This bill, if passed, would greatly reduce illegal immigration - simply by making all of it legal. In the same way, you could eliminate the crime of murder by saying it's no longer a crime. No more murders. Just a lot more dead people. No more illegal immigrants. Just 50 million more Mexicans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans, and Middle Easterners. Flake, who calls himself a 'conservative Republican,' should know better. He DOES know better. That's what makes his co-sponsorship of this bill so sickening."

According to Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics:
"If you remember, back in January Republican Rep. Jeff Flake got booted off the House Judiciary Committee. At the time, Flake said the Republican leadership told him it was payback for his 'bad behavior' with respect to immigration reform. 'They know a comprehensive immigration package is coming with my name on it,' Flake told the Arizona Republic."

"Yesterday Flake made good on that promise, introducing a comprehensive immigration reform bill co-sponsored by Illinois Democrat Luis Gutierrez. They've given it a rather corny name, the STRIVE ACT of 2007 (Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy)"

The Flake-Gutierrez Amnesty bill is so dangerous that the Minutemen flatly stated in an e-mail to their members that:
"Congress is in the coyote business."

You can be the judge of that yourself.
The Flake-Gutierrez bill, if passed, would do the following:

Every illegal alien who offers some kind of evidence that he or she has been living in the U.S. since June 1, 2006, would be eligible to start down the Yellow Brick Road toward U.S. citizenship.

In order to become citizens, illegal aliens would be required to pay a fine of $2,000 - a small price for violating our laws.

Flake-Gutierrez would require illegal aliens to pass a superficial "criminal background check." Translation: If your fingerprints are not on file with the FBI, then you've basically got it made.

But, as if the preceding weren't enough, Flake-Gutierrez would create a "worker importation program" that would allow up to another 400,000 "guest workers" to skip across the border, and ALL OF THEM WOULD LIKEWISE BE PERMITTED TO STAY.

And that's not all: Illegal aliens who aren't covered under the general amnesty could qualify for "the AgJOBS amnesty" -- simply by saying they had worked in agriculture in the U.S.

Oh, yes, the Flake-Gutierrez bill also includes amnesty for anyone who received a U.S. taxpayer-funded high school diploma or GED.

Think about it! Are there 12 people in the whole world who couldn't gain American citizenship under Flake-Gutierrez?

We've STOPPED Amnesty so many times... we can do it again!

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent and personalized 57 Blast Fax messages to President George W. Bush and the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.

Tell them that the American people have defeated Amnesty before and that you refuse to be deceived with the latest Flake-Gutierrez attempt to reward 12-20 million illegal aliens with a path to citizenship and other benefits.

Demand one more time that they stop this idiotic talk of "compromise" and "comprehensive solutions." Tell them that the American people NEVER asked for "compromise" or "comprehensive solutions." Tell them the American people only want secure borders -- PERIOD!


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