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Friday, September 16, 2005

Stop Global Whining!

From Investors Business Daily.

Let's ignore that the earth went into an ice age and then emerged from it (in other words, experienced global warming) without the existence of combustion engines.

Let's ignore that the earth experienced a massive hit from a comet which blackened the sky for years and was able to "heal itself" without the existence of Tree-Huggers.

Let's ignore volumes of Scientific Research that shows how volcanoes spewed more CO2 emissions into the atmosphere in one year than all industrial production and auto emissions combined from the beginning of the 20th century to now, without destroying the environment.

Let's pretend that as ice melts in a glass of water, the water levels go up instead of down.

And let's pretend that neither earthquakes, tidal waves (sunami's) nor hurricanes existed before George Bush got elected.

Al Gore is a bitter and possibly unstable man with no background, educational or otherwise, in any area of science. The legitimate scientific basis for his propaganda would not fill up the head of a pin.

In the 1970's it was an impending ice age caused by man. When that did not work, the story changed to Global Warming. In 2004, they came up with Global Climate Change just to make sure they could cover next years trend. Isn't it about time that we realized that the earth and its solar system has regenerative powers far greater than anything we could possibly throw at it? The earth and its relationship to the sun will be the only factor in observed climactic change and there is nothing we human's can do but stand and watch.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. LP,

While I agree that the global whiners exist, and while I agree the science (or as I call it, mad-science) is incorrect or exaggerated, I have to disagree with one thing. We as humans, are able to cause our own demise. The world will survive, it will heal, but since I don’t plan on living more than 60 more years, I might never see it heal. I don’t think we have done that much damage yet to the earth, but I think it is well with in our power to pollute the world with nuclear/chemical waste so that communities have 80 - 90 % increase in cancer cases. I believe that the environmentalist waste time with a lot nonsense, but I’m glad that loud mouthed people do scream, because unless someone screams, no one will hear.

Your Michigan Friend

Anonymous said...

Yes, Joe. We are capable of pollution, but even as you proclaim your belief's, how much of them are based in truth? Check out this site for instance http://www.fumento.com/mickeyerin.html. Additionaly, this is not about freedom of speech. This is about how we best deal with any situation. People like you tend to look to the large central entity for guidance. I question the logic of this. Who is better to deal with environmental issues in the State of Michigan? An unelected, federal employee in DC (or in this case, the U.N., one of the most corrupt, anti-American institutions in existence which was happy to exclude China from the Kyoto Protocal) or the state and local municipalities in Michigan? For my tax money, I would rather our local officials make sound decisions based on verifiable science and the will of those people that elected them to office.